NNN CEO to build new pharma company

Leif Rune Skymoen will from 2015 be the CEO of the company that has bought the Takeda Nycomed production plant in Elverum, Norway.

The Elverum plant has a long and proud tradition in pharmaceutical production, and currently employs around 200 people. Takeda Nycomed will pull out of the production in Elverum during 2015, and a recently established company will take over the production plant and establish a new player in the pharma industry.

-  We are building a new production company who will also be an important partner for the growing Norwegian life science sector. A National center for industrialization of medical innovation. The knowledge and skills that have been built up in this part of the National pharma sector must be preserved and further developed, as part of building an innovative and competitive industry, Skymoen says.

Skymoen will continue in his role as CEO of NNN for the first part of 2015, until his successor is fully introduced into the role. The NNN board is currently looking for candidates to replace Skymoen. NNN expects to continue developing the organization and maintain a high level of activity during the transition period and after.

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