Mini-symposium: The Role of Nutrition in Brain Development, 13th November

How does nutrition and malnutrition affect brain development? How can we ensure that the brain gets the nutrients it needs to develop properly? What are the long term effects of deficient nutrition during prenatal and early postnatal life? Join our NNN member's, Norwegian Consortium on Brain Development (NCBD), mini-symposium on November 13th. 

This mini-symposium is the first in a series that will examine these and other questions from experimental and epidemiological standpoints. It is part of the Norwegian Brain Council's (Hjernerådet's) program in connection with the "Med hjerte for hjernen" action. Speakers include international experts on nutrition and the developing brain.

When: Friday Nov 13, 13:00-17:00

Where: Store Aud, Rikshospitalet

More information and program can be found here. 

Sponsored by Hjernerådet ( and The Norwegian Consortium on Brain Development