Highlights from MRI in multiple sclerosis

On the 14th of November, NNN organized a meeting about Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in multiple sclerosis together with Forskningsenheten for Nevrofag at Domus Medica in Oslo.

The meeting was based on the Norwegian Neuroimaging Initiative (NORNI), which aims to harmonize protocols for MRI. More than 50 participants was gathered to hear about and discuss why we should use standardized MRI protocols for brain imaging of MS patients and what we need to consider when doing multicentre MRI studies.

Hanne F. Harbo (OUS/UiO) and Mona K. Beyer (OUS) chaired the meeting and opened with their view on the topic. They also presented their suggestion for a protocol that can be used both in the clinic and for research purposes. The audience was asked to take this protocol back to their departments for discussion and give suggestions to changes.

Lars Bø from the National Competence Centre for MS continued with a talk about how standardized MRI could be integrated into the Norwegian MS Registry and make it easier to compare images for one patient that has been taken at different hospitals.

Niels Bergsland from Buffalo NeuroImaging Analysis Centre/Fondazione Don Gnocchi/Politecnico di Milan followed with a detailed view of what you need to consider when doing multicentre MRI studies.

After a break, four PhD students/post-docs working with MRI and MS gave presentations of their projects. Søren Bakke and Elisabeth Celius from OUS gave an historical view on standardized MRI protocols and explained why they think harmonization is so important.

The meeting ended with a discussion of the topic of the day. There was a strong consensus among the audience that standardized protocols are necessary and encouraged by clinicians and researchers from the whole country. NNN strongly believes that this initiative will lead to an agreement on a standardized protocol that will be integrated across the country in the near future