norbrain36 projects proceed to the second round of the application process to receive funding for research infrastructure (FORINFRA) from the Norwegian Research Council.

Dagbladet ADYesterday, Dagbladet published a large article on the future treatment of Alzheimer's Disease. Nansen Neuroscience Network and several experts were interviewed about their view on the developments in the field.

Brain-Binoculars-2-smallThe binoculars were directed towards the interface between medicine and technology at this week's Nansen Neuroscience Network meeting in Oslo Science Park.

Ole-Andreassen-og-P4The Norwegian Minister of Education and Research, Kristin Halvorsen, today opened NORMENT, the Norwegian Centre for Mental Disorders Research.

obama-brain-initiative-croppedOn April 2nd, President Obama unveiled the highly ambitious BRAIN Initiative. "Important for multidisciplinary research and technological innovation," says UiB Professor Nils Erik Gilhus.

Brain-binocularsIn a series of meetings, Nansen Neuroscience Network takes a closer look at the opportunities for innovation in neuroscience.

uio-logo-rund-smallNansen Neuroscience Network has entered a collaboration with the Centre for Entrepeneurship at the University of Oslo.

national-phd-conferencePhD candidates take full charge of planning for the 1st National PhD Conference in Neuroscience.