NNN are currently working to create an overview of dementia-related medical research and development in Norway. This report will be presented at our national symposium in Oslo. 

DiaGenic announced this summer that the validation study for their blood based diagnostic test for Alzheimer's disease in the pre-dementia stage, had failed to reach the study goals.

Professor Tormod Fladby was voted for the NNN Board at last week’s general assembly.

Judith J. W. Wong is joining Nansen Neuroscience as a communication associate. Judith studies pharmacy at the University of Oslo (UiO) and is a third-year student this fall. 

Last week, NNN hosted a meeting where researchers, clinicians and industry met to discuss national harmonization of brain MR protocols.

NNN to host National symposia on October 22nd and November 20th.

Many think of lactate as a waste product produced in muscles during a workout, but lactate is also used by muscle and brain cells to produce energy. Now recent findings by the Bergersen Group at the University of Oslo (UiO) suggest that lactate can work as a signalling substance that may protect against cognitive disabilities. 

The Nansen Neuroscience Network General Assembly will be held in Forskningsparken, Oslo today.