The UK based Dementia Consortium was launched in December 2013 by the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK along with MRC Technology, Eisai and Eli Lilly. 

All PhD candidates, researchers and NNN members in the field of medical imaging are invited to The 2014 Joint National PhD Conference in Medical Imaging and MedViz Conference. The conference will be held in Bergen, 17. -18. June 2014. 

In connection with “Nevrodagene” this week, NNN organized the first multiple sclerosis meeting of the year. 

Tuesday 4th of March we gathered our members for a meeting at Oslo Science Park. 

“All you need and want to know about the white matter”, was the slogan for the meeting taking place in Trondheim last week.

In Horizon2020, EU will spend 655 billion NOK on research and innovation projects. NNN and Oslo MedTech have teamed up to help scientists and companies apply for funding. 

15th of January Nansen Neuroscience Network organized an information meeting about The National Association for Public Health's dementia research program. During the TV fundraiser in October, 229 million NOK was raised for the association's work on dementia. 80 million NOK will be used for research purposes. 

Reports from HelseOmsorg21’s five working groups are available on their website. The comment period closes on 17th January 2014. The review period allows individuals and groups to examine a draft version of the reports and provide comments aimed at improving it.