Brain-Binoculars-2-smallThe binoculars were directed towards the interface between medicine and technology at this week's Nansen Neuroscience Network meeting in Oslo Science Park.

obama-brain-initiative-croppedOn April 2nd, President Obama unveiled the highly ambitious BRAIN Initiative. "Important for multidisciplinary research and technological innovation," says UiB Professor Nils Erik Gilhus.

Brain-binocularsIn a series of meetings, Nansen Neuroscience Network takes a closer look at the opportunities for innovation in neuroscience.

uio-logo-rund-smallNansen Neuroscience Network has entered a collaboration with the Centre for Entrepeneurship at the University of Oslo.

national-phd-conferencePhD candidates take full charge of planning for the 1st National PhD Conference in Neuroscience.

hjerneradet-cropped2The Norwegian Brain Council (Hjernerådet), an organization that works to generate political and public awareness on functions and diseases of the brain and the central nervous system, held their general assembly in Oslo Tuesday this week.

UiO-forskning-multipipette-smallThis month, the Norwegian government released the Research report (Forskningsmeldingen) for 2013. Long term plans for funding and tenure track positions are some of the changes to improve research quality in Norway.

DiaGenic u underNNN together with its member company DiaGenic hosted a contact meeting on March 6th with representatives from The Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway (LMI) and the University of Oslo. The topic discussed was current and future treatments and diagnostic options for dementia.